Aaron Rockers - trumpet
Matt Thomas - saxes
Kevin Moehringer - trombone
Morgan Price - saxes
Vinny Loccisano - keyboards
Kirk Schoenherr - guitar
Brad Maestas - bass
Jeremiah Fox - drums
"Third Space give the impression of
dedicatedly walking (or weaving) the
line between never fucking around,
and only fucking around. These wry
musical outcasts can play whatever
complex absurdities they can dream
up, but unlike most metal bands they
don’t appear to take it too seriously.
That means fun, unpredictable, and
even occasionally spontaneous

Ross Edwards


"The band can easily laugh anything
that rankles them, by listening to any
risible Starship Beer recording. I
listened to it at all at least a couple of
times, some more. Everyone plays
the charts well, and understands
their function within the ensemble.
They respect shifts in dynamics and
textures, which is more than I can
say for some bands I play in (and
many many others). They sound like
they’re having fun."

Kevin Whitehead